What's on at Claudelands?

Our commitment to sustainability

At Claudelands we are committed to sustainability - we look at sustainability with a holistic approach to ensure we are doing our best for the full picture of our economy, community and environment.

Economic – Claudelands has a long term financial plan focused on sustainable business, growth and ongoing improvements for business quality and productivity. We provide an employment environment for the workforce to flourish, succeed and engage with the community in which we operate. We are working closely with our supply chain to ensure the suitability of our business is not limited to our venue and the benefits reach our business partners too.

Community – Claudelands is in a great location, central to Hamilton’s CBD with easy accessibility for public transport, walking and bicycle routes and ample bicycle parking. We are currently working on initiatives for educating the public at our events around sustainable waste management and caring for our environment. 

 Bike Racks

Environmental – In June 2011 Claudelands reopened after an extensive refurbishment. The refurbishment was designed to be more environmentally sustainable as well as being able to adapt in future to meet more sustainable practices. In line with our goal of reducing waste to landfill by 70% before November 2020 we are currently looking into more ways we can ensure we are providing sustainable events. Here are a few of the sustainable practices we currently have in place:

  • High efficiency air conditioning systems, Energy efficient lighting.
  • Use of rainwater for toilet flushing, Water flow restrictors on all taps, Water sensitive taps in the bathrooms, Smart flush toilets.
  • LED street and pedestrian lighting, Hamilton conducted a trial in 2009 and found out that LED Street  Lighting uses 44% less power.
  • Back of house waste bins to recycle glass, plastic, cardboard and metals in line with the Hamilton City Council recycling system.
  • Storm water overflow is directed to a wetland which has been created on site.
  • Organic kitchen waste taken to a pig farm. 
  • Grass clippings sent to green waste for composting.
  • Bicycle parking, marked walking routes connecting to CBD and our venue is on the main city bus route.
  • All cleaning chemicals are environmentally friendly.
  • Sustainability working group focused on looking at new initiatives on how we can improve the environmental footprint in our venue.  

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