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International MJ tribute flying into New Zealand 2024

Internationally acclaimed tribute The Michael Jackson HIStory Show has announced it will return to New Zealand stages with new star Garth Field at the helm in February and March 2024.

After roaring success from its 2018 New Zealand Tour, and wowing audiences across the globe, the show is set to perform at an impressive 19 venues with the new and updated production set to stun audiences 
across the nation.

This New Zealand tour will be the production’s first national tour since 2022 when former lead star Dantanio was farewelled at his final performance. The accomplished impersonator toured extensively with the production, however chose to retire from international touring after the close of the 2022 season. 

This left producer and director Johnny Van Grinsven with the unenviable task of re-casting one of the most challenging roles in his entire creative roster, which spans 15+ international stage shows and over 120 cast 

“MJ is a really tricky role. You have to be able to dance and sing and act and 
hold that character convincingly, and you have to do it all really well, or fans just won’t get on board. MJ fans are very loyal and they want to see their favourite artist represented in the right way, so it’s important we get it right,” says Van Grinsven.

After auditioning thousands of MJ impersonators across seven countries he eventually landed on the impressive Garth Field as the cream of the crop, to take on the immense role going forward. With training in various dance styles including hip hop and tap, a musical background in jazz, his intense love of Michael Jackson and his own successful MJ production running in Europe for the past five years, Field was immediately picked as a promising candidate.

“Garth had the very rare combination of vocal talent, dance talent, the right 
looks and most importantly the drive and ambition to rise to the role, to work at being the best in the business. Getting all of those things in one person is 
extremely hard to find but we’re pretty convinced we have the right person and we’re sure that fans of the show will feel the same once they’ve seen him in action,” Van Grinsven said further.

Joining Field on stage on the New Zealand tour will be a full new roster of dancers and musicians, to showcase the updated production which still includes all of Jackson’s biggest Pop hits, but now features a brand new redesigned lighting and FX show.

The New Zealand Tour is strictly limited, and tickets to the GLOBOX Arena, Claudelands show are on sale now via Ticketek.