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Heath Franklin's Chopper returns to GLOBOX Arena,Claudelands

“This is a top hour of uproariously entertaining comedy… packed with good gags and ‘so wrong its right’ moments” ★★★★ Chortle UK

''Any fear or even faint suspicion that Heath Franklin’s Chopper persona was running out of steam evaporate within the first few seconds of his smashing new stand-up show' The Herald Sun

‘Australia’s funniest comedy character’ ★★★★ Sunday Mail

As seen on TV3's 7 Days.

NZ's MOST WANTED comedian is back after three years off touring....and he's not here to f*ck spiders!

That's right. Not even if they're dressed in a sexy spider nurse outfit. He just hasn't got the time. And neither do you!

The world's been on pause for too many years now, and it's time to dive back in.

Because Life happens whether you like or not. You can tiptoe around it, have a whinge, or pretend it's not there, but like a man wearing bacon pants at a dog park, you're gonna get bitten on the arse eventually.

So, either get up and get busy, or tell somebody else who gives a sh*t. Cos we're not here to....

From across the ditch, Heath Franklin’s Chopper has become a fan favourite in NZ, and touring our shores since 2009. He’s been nominated for 2 ARIA’s, a Logie, won Comic’s Choice at the Melbourne Comedy Fest and sold more than half a million tickets worldwide. Chopper is a genuine comedy icon.

Chopper announces his biggest kiwi tour in years, bringing his brand new show to 14 NZ cities and towns across May-June 2024 with a Hamilton show on 23 May 2024 at GLOBOX Arena, Claudelands.