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Fully vaccinated venue FAQs

Why have you made it mandatory to be fully vaccinated?

Implementing a vaccination entry requirement under the NZ Government’s new Covid-19 Protection Framework provides more certainty to everyone as it means we can continue to operate and hold events throughout all levels (with some restrictions as required), instead of potentially needing to close down under orange or red levels.

Also, advice from medical experts around the world and New Zealand’s Ministry of Health is that being fully vaccinated is the best defence in the ongoing fight against Covid-19. People’s safety and wellbeing is always our number one priority.

Therefore we believe that operating with Covid-19 vaccination requirements is the most effective way for us to mitigate the risk to health and safety, and the disruption to business continuity. 


Can I get an exemption?

Everyone who enters our venues including staff, suppliers, performers and the public must be fully vaccinated. The only exception will be for those who hold valid vaccination exemption for medical reasons – the Government has stated there will be an exemption process to get certification for the small number of people who are unable to get a vaccination for medical reasons.


Can I produce a negative test instead?

No, a negative test is not an accepted substitute for a My Vaccine Pass.


I left my My Vaccine Pass at home, can I still come in?

We require official proof that you are fully vaccinated upon entry to our venues, so unfortunately you cannot gain access without this.


I don’t have the app to get my pass, what do I do?

You can print your My Vaccine Pass and bring it with you instead.


I have an exemption from the vaccine, can I still get in?

The Government has stated there will be a process for the small number of people who are unable to get a vaccination for medical reasons to gain My Vaccine Passes – if you qualify for a pass via this exemption process you will be able to use this to gain entry to our venue.


I have had one vaccine shot, my second is booked in - can I still come in?

No, we require all attendees to be fully vaccinated to enter our venues. We encourage you to get both doses of your vaccination as soon as possible.


I don’t believe in the vaccine, why can’t I come in?

Implementing a vaccination entry requirement under the NZ Government’s new Covid-19 Protection Framework means we require everyone who enters our venues to be fully vaccinated, with the exception of children under 12 and those who are unable to be vaccinated due to medical reasons and therefore qualify for a pass via the exemption process.


My kids are not vaccinated can they come with me?

Because children under 12 years old are not currently able to be vaccinated in New Zealand, they can still attend our venues regardless. Those over 12 years old have access to receive their Covid-19 vaccinations so therefore must be fully vaccinated to enter our venues.


Are all the people working at the venues also required to be fully vaccinated?

Yes, everyone on site at our venues including all staff, business partners, suppliers, event organisers and performers are required to be fully vaccinated.


What happens if I already bought a ticket for an event before this new rule was announced?

You will be contacted directly by the ticket provider regarding the new requirement and any options will be communicated at this time.


Will I still need to wear a mask at your venues?

Under the Covid-19 Protection Framework’s red and orange levels it is still recommended that you wear masks while at our venues as an added layer of defence against Covid-19, however it is not mandatory. 


Where can I get my My Vaccine Pass?

Go to the My Covid Record website for full information on how to obtain a Covid Vaccine Pass.


I am having trouble getting my My Vaccine Pass – what can I do?

If you are having trouble getting your pass through My Covid Record website, you can call 0800 222 478 for assistance. Make sure you have your NHI number ready.


How can I get more information about the Covid-19 Protection Framework and My Vaccine Pass?

Visit the Unite Against Covid-19 website for official information.